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Shishani Vranckx

Armed with a mesmerising voice and guitar playing, Shishani also carries a background in anthropology and musicology, enabling them to focus on socially engaged topics in their work as a powerfully activistic artist. Shishani also initiatied several activistic art projects such as the multi-disciplinary stage Cinnamon Wednesdays (which was run by six young cross-cultural women) and ARTNAM (which aimed at promoting Namibian Arts nationally and internationally). And all of this is just the tip of iceberg of Shishani's activities, since they can also be found in a wide array of collaborations with artists from theater, dance and spoken word backgrounds. It's hard to keep up with Shishani's radiating initiatives, with which they perform nationally and internationally, and for which they were awarded multiple prizes and nominations, such as the Amsterdam Prize for the Arts in 2020.