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Photography by Philipp Gladsome/ Valentin Ammon

Sarah Lasaki

a native of Hamburg with roots in Nigeria, Switzerland and France has been a professional dancer for 20 years and has been working intensively with children and young people in the field of dance and music for 10 years.

From 2007-2015 Sarah toured worldwide with the hit show "STOMP" and has since been involved with the fusion of dance and body percussion. She acted as choreographer/dancer in several Kampnagel productions such as 12 Yards- Dein Spiel beginnt; Ich.Du.Wir. Superheroes; A.D.S.D.A. (Director: Mable Preach); Planet Kigali (Director: Yolanda Gutierrez); Blue Moon (Director: Ursina Tossi) or most recently in "SCHLAGSAHNE" (Regina Rossi). She gives teambuilding workshops and regular workshops for youth organisations or private groups. She is part of the permanent team of the " Body Rhythm Hamburg" festival. Since 2016, Sarah is the artistic director of the KUMASTA project "Differences". An annual project in which her permanent artist team and the group of young adults "Young DC" develop a music video together.