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Fabrice Mazliah

He commenced his independent practice as a dancer, performer and choreographer already while completing his education, reflecting how he from the beginning, has pursued performing and choreographing as two sides of the same coin. His preferred approach to work is through networked collaborations. This principle underlay his co-founding of the collective HOOD, mamaza and Work of Act. Overall, Fabrice’s works range from stage performances to installations, from choreographic structures to enactments, from educational projects to curated artist gatherings. Strong physicality and language, as they figure in Fabrice work to date, is employed to develop new forms of narration and poetry that are at once intricate and precise in addressing human and other-than-human existence. Recent important works and performances created by Fabrice are “Telling Stories, a version for three” (2021), presented at the 2022 Deutsche Tanzplattform in Berlin, “Sheela na Gig" (2021) created for the Lyon Opera Ballet , invited at the Chaillot Theater in Paris in June 2022, “The Manufactures Series, Symposium” (2022), bringing the six first Duets together as an attempt to reflect on the series so far. His latest work “embodying bodies” (2023) premiered at the Kunstlerhaus Mousonturm in Frankfurt. He was artist associate to DeSingel in Antwerp, part of the HOOD collective with which he received a fellowship for two years at Pact Zollverein in Essen and is currently an artist in residence at the Kunstlerhaus Mousonturm in Frankfurt with his company Work of Act , he co-runs the multipurpose space werkstatt and develops internationally numerous work module, Ateliers and workshops.