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First gathering in tent, june 2021- Photo by Simone Scardovelli

COME iN TENT is a non institutional Atelier and network developing decolonisation/ relation practices such as animism* activism* healing* in arts, design, education and curatorship – in the sense of curare: to bring together; to take care of; to cure; to poison…

and response-ability: the ability to respond; to call; to listen; to resonate within the world of so called 'objects'.


  • DANCING INSTRUMENTS In Conversation with LoOted oBJecTs

    With this project, COME IN TENT is dedicating its journey to instruments - in particular the lost drums (Ongoma). Despite the rich and complex cultural history of these instruments, they seem to have disappeared from their countries of origin. However, some drums from Namibia lie dormant in Hamburg, preserved with toxic liquids, archived with object numbers and dubious museum designations.

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  • 26.-31.10.2021 Re-Enactment of Things – Festival at M.Bassy & MARKK

    It is well known that the city of Hamburg was significantly involved in the German / European colonial history: For instance that Hamburgs biggest ship owner and merchant A. Woermann was successfully convincing Bismarck to occupy territory in Namibia and to initiate the so called Congo Conference because his interest was to expand in order to secure new markets on the African continent.

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